Tailored treatment to help couples, same-sex couples and single women achieve their family.


Minimally invasive gynaecological and holistic care for women at all stages of life.


Care to reduce pain and increase wellbeing so that you can live the healthy, fulfilling life you deserve.

​IVF Doctor Melbourne & Fertility Specialist

Advocating for women’s health and delivering patient-focused care for almost 20 years.

​Helping Families Grow and Women Overcome Their Health Challenges

IVF specialists aim to serve a range of purposes, but Doctor Hugo and his entire laboratory team work toward one key goal: helping families to grow and take on their next chapter through various fertility services.  

While IVF success rates may differ depending on a range of personal factors, Doctor Hugo aims to deliver tailored fertility treatment options to help families of all kinds expand. Couples, same-sex couples, single women — whatever your life looks like, Doctor Hugo hopes to be able to lend a hand as needed.  

With minimally invasive gynaecological and holistic care for women at all stages of life, Doctor Hugo’s services aim to offer patients care to reduce pain and increase well-being. You should be living the healthy and fulfilling life you deserve!

Conditions We Treat

We are proud to address an extensive range of conditions including fibroids removal, endometriosis and ovarian cysts to promote women’s health needs. Learn more about how we support women through all stages of life with complete, compassionate, and patient-centred care.


No matter their age, all women should have a gynaecologist they can turn to for concerns, checkups, and overall support. Dr Hugo delivers gynaelogical care and advanced laparoscopic surgery, with results made possible by years of experience and training.


For some people, growing a family has been a lifelong dream — and it can be hard when things aren’t going to plan. Our fertility clinic provides holistic care for fertility issues including in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and treatment for male and female infertility.

Patient Information

You deserve to have someone in your corner that you know you can trust. For almost 20 years, Dr Hugo has been advocating for and empowering women to make informed decisions about their health with honest, up-to-date information.

Fertility Specialist

Family is a fundamental part of who we are, but with 1 in 6 couples experiencing fertility difficulties at some point, having a child can be a challenging and overwhelming journey. As a fertility specialist, Dr Hugo manages all aspects of fertility, from women with PCOS, ovulation disorders, irregular periods and endometriosis to male factor infertility, egg or sperm abnormality and couples with subfertility. Together with his team, Dr Hugo offers patient-centred care with a tailored and minimally invasive approach.

Start your fertility journey with Dr. Hugo, helping families conceive with advanced treatments and compassionate guidance at each stage.

About Doctor Hugo Fernandes

Dr Hugo Fernandes is a leading gynaecologist and fertility specialist in Melbourne. Dedicated to providing patient-centred care, he ensures that every patient feels empowered to make informed decisions about their health. He is known for his approachability, compassion, and clear communication style.

As an advanced laparoscopic surgeon, Dr Hugo is uniquely placed to offer minimally invasive surgery to treat common conditions. However, he recognises that surgery isn't always the only or best treatment and works with his patients to provide alternative options.

Dr Hugo treats a range of women's health conditions and specialises in complex gynaecological pelvic surgery, including managing endometriosis, adenomyosis, cysts, fibroids, and surgical optimisation for fertility. He treats couples with infertility through a specialised fertility unit, Newlife IVF, where he is a founding partner and clinical director.

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Why Choose Doctor Hugo?

Fertility Treatment Specialist

If you require fertility support, you need to ensure that you take your needs into the hands of those you can trust. Fertility specialists such as Dr Hugo aim to offer extensive advice, with a comprehensive understanding of fertility success rates, the most advanced science breakthroughs in the industry, and the finer details of pregnancy planning.

Compassionate and Personalised Care

At our clinic, the patient always comes first. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all treatments. Dr Hugo will take care to listen to your unique medical history, individual circumstances, and personal preferences that may affect your journey in order to deliver the most personalised support possible.

Family-Focused Fertility Support

With IVF services, the goal is always to increase fertility success rates and see families thrive. Dr Hugo cares about your family and the desire to grow your home, and that focus ensures that your IVF treatment will be delivered with a deep level of care and understanding. IVF clinics are here to serve your family’s journey, and Dr Hugo is proud to play a role in that.

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IVF treatment and other fertility treatments may feel daunting. It can be hard to face challenges in an area you may have always assumed might come easily for your family. But, this isn’t something you need to face alone. 

Dr Hugo Fernandes is dedicated to walking with his patients throughout every step of their fertility journey, offering fertility treatments such as IVF with the hope of seeing happy families created. Book an appointment today to meet with Dr Hugo and discuss the full IVF journey.

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