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What is Male Fertility and Male Infertility?

Male infertility refers to the reproductive health of a male, specifically in regards to their ability to impregnate their female partner. In cases where a couple has unsuccessfully been trying to conceive for a significant period of time (for example, having unprotected sex for over twelve months with no results), it’s vital for both partners to get assessed for their fertility and health by a physician or fertility specialist. One out of three cases of infertility are directly linked to underlying issues with the male partner’s health – naturally, it’s absolutely essential to ensure you’re checking up on your reproductive health if you’re struggling to conceive.

Common Causes of Male Infertility

Issues with fertility for males can be caused by a broad variety of different habits, health issues, or conditions. -some would require a proper fertility treatment. Some of the factors that could be impairing fertility include:


  • Hormonal and/or stress problems
  • Use of certain medications (such as steroids)
  • Infections or tumors within the reproductive system
  • Genetics
  • Smoking and alcohol abuse
  • Blockage of sperm carrying ducts
  • Varicoceles (swelling of veins surrounding the testicle)
  • Sperm production issues
  • Exposure to radiation or dangerous environments
Common causes male infertility
Diagnosis male infertility

Diagnosis for Male Infertility

As a fertility expert, I will work closely with you to get a full, comprehensive idea of your medical history and day-to-day lifestyle. Any diagnosis I provide may be determined using any of the following:

  • Medical history
  • Full physical examination
  • Anti-sperm antibody tests
  • Testicular biopsy – removing a small piece of tissue from the testicle via needleto be sent for micro examination
  • Scrotal ultrasound – using imaging to find any abnormalities within the scrotum and testicles
  • Semen analysis – collecting your sperm to be sent to a laboratory, where they will assess sperm count and quality
  • Transrectal ultrasound of the prostate – evaluation of the prostate, checking for any obstructions of the ducts that may be affecting the transportation of sperm

Treatment for Male Infertility

Once we have your diagnosis sorted, that’s when I will work with you to determine which treatment plan is going to be most effective. There are a variety of treatment options available for men who may be struggling with their fertility. I take pride in not only my facilities, which offer the most up-to-date and high quality treatment equipment and options available, but also in my dedication to ensuring we find a treatment plan that keeps all my patients comfortable. We will work together to find something that works for you, your lifestyle, and your goals. Some of the common treatment options include:


  • Lifestyle changes (changes in alcohol use or smoking habits, for example)
  • Sex and relationships counselling services
  • Surgery – for cases of varicocele and obstruction of the sperm ducts
  • Male hormone replacement – for cases of hormonal deficiency
  • Antibiotics – for treatment of infections within the reproductive system
  • Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) – for cases where artificial methods of fertilisation such as IVF can assist in the natural fertilisation process
Treatment Male Infertility

Your Patient Journey


To receive a Medicare rebate, you’ll need a referral letter from your GP or another specialist. This also allows me to communicate with your GP or health team.

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I consult mainly from my rooms at Epworth Richmond, but there are also appointments available in Coburg and Warragul. Please call, or book online.

Before Appointment

We will email you a link to a thorough online health and fertility questionnaire. This allows us to spend more time concentrating on your fertility concerns at your first appointment.

First Appointment

I review your health and fertility questionnaire and any results before you attend. At this consultation, I’ll take a thorough history and possibly order further investigations. We’ll discuss the potential issues, and you’ll have an honest assessment of your fertility and possible treatments, including success rates and the pros and cons of each. This appointment will take around 30-45 minutes.

Review Appointments

Further review may be needed to discuss results and your treatment options. As all management is personalised, these are scheduled to your unique situation and treatment.


Fertility treatment can range from advice about timing to simple medications or even fertility optimising surgery.

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Personalised Care

No two patients are the same, and I keep that fact at the forefront of all my care. Any treatment I recommend for you will be uniquely tailored to your needs, lifestyle, and personal preferences.

Modern Treatments

I take great pride in the fact that my practice uses only the most modern and reliable treatment options available. I work hard to stay up to date with changes in treatment or any new options that may arise. When you work with me, you can rest assured that you’re receiving top quality care.

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My practice takes place within unmatched, state of the art facilities, offering the best equipment and technology available for your diagnosis and treatment of male infertility. If you’re looking for state of the art care, you’re coming to the right place.

A Note on the Chances of Success

Success rates and outcomes are entirely dependent on the diagnosis and unique circumstances of each patient. While treatments and expected timelines of success may vary significantly, any patient who works with me will be consistently communicated to about everything that’s happening. I will keep you up to date, and work closely with you every step of the way to ensure you’re receiving the most effective treatment possible. My team and I are here to support your male fertility journey, giving you the best chance of achieving your family goals.

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