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Dr Hugo Fernandes

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Meet Dr Hugo Fernandes, Your Melbourne Gynaecologist

I am a gynaecologist and minimally invasive surgeon offering modern, patient-centred care in Melbourne. My leading qualifications and extensive experience allow me to treat a range of conditions and improve women’s health outcomes.

It’s important to me that you feel comfortable, supported and empowered to make informed decisions about your health. I always take the time to listen, answer your questions and discuss your options. For the past 20 years, I have advocated and cared for women’s health on a daily basis, helping them to improve their quality of life.

If you’re looking for a gynaecologist or fertility specialist in Melbourne, book an appointment at one of my consulting rooms.

Experience personalised, all-inclusive gynaecological care, customised to your individual needs and health journey at Dr. Hugo’s fertility clinic.

Why Visit a Gynaecologist?

A gynaecologist is a doctor with specialist training in women’s health who can prevent, diagnose, understand, and treat the medical conditions affecting women’s reproductive organs. We treat women from their teens, through the reproductive years and into menopause. Importantly, we are strong advocates for the rights and health of women.

A decision to see a gynaecologist is usually made after a discussion with your local GP. Reasons can include family planning, fertility issues, pelvic pain, abnormal periods, fibroids, or endometriosis. It can also be preventative such as for contraception or pap-smears.

Why Visit A Gynaecologist

Gynaecological Treatments by Dr Hugo


A minimally invasive procedure that uses a long pencil-like telescope (laparoscope) to examine the abdominal organs and treat disease. Also known as key-hole surgery, this procedure is performed through 5-10mm incisions.

Advanced Laparoscopy

Similar to a laparoscopy but treating more significant amounts of pathology, advanced laparoscopy is more difficult and requires highly trained surgeons. It is still key-hole surgery but may involve additional incisions to facilitate other operative instruments.


The surgical removal of the uterus, which may be used to treat conditions including fibroids, endometriosis, prolapse, cancer or adenomyosis. The ovaries are usually left behind in order to prevent menopause. The majority of these can be performed using laparoscopic techniques.


A surgical procedure to remove fibroids – a usually non-canerous growth that develops in the uterus. Fibroids are associated with heavy periods, pelvic pressure symptoms such as urinary frequency and reduced fertility. Many of these can be safely performed by laparaoscopy.


A procedure that allows inspection of the inside of the uterus with a thin telescope (hysteroscope) inserted through the cervix. It is used to diagnose and treat conditions such as abnormal or heavy bleeding and uterine polyps.

Hysteroscopic Resection

The removal of fibroids, polyps or other growths from inside the uterus, using a wire loop with power and a hysteroscope – a long, thin telescope attached to a camera. More modern techniques such as Myosure do not use electrical power for resection.

Ovarian Cystectomy

The removal of a cyst with preservation of the ovary when it has become too large, is abnormal or is causing pain. This procedure can be performed using minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. As there can be a negative impact on egg count and fertility, this should be performed by an advanced surgeon with fertility experience.

Endometrial Ablation

A procedure to ablate (burn/destroy) the lining of the uterus to stop or reduce menstrual flow. It is quick, safe and very effective.

Robotic Surgery

This is an alternative way of performing a laparoscopy and uses a large robot controlled by a surgeon. Whilst it has been available around the world for over 20 years, it appears to only be helpful in some types of surgery (urology). In gynaecology, it is no better than routine laparoscopy, especially when performed by an advanced surgeon. What’s more, it is often more expensive, requires specialised equipment and more incisions, which are larger

As a surgeon, the only thing more important than skill or ability to operate is knowing when not to operate. I always strive to offer my patients less invasive treatments and honestly communicate when surgery isn’t necessary .

Treat women health conditions

Selecting a Gynaecologist That is Right for You

I understand that choosing a gynaecologist can be challenging or overwhelming, and the reasons for visiting are often personal and private. I can assure you that when you visit my experienced team, you will access excellent care tailored to your needs.

Most gynaecologists in Australia, especially those that also practice obstetrics, are considered generalists, meaning they are familiar with a wide range of women’s health issues. Some gynaecologists undergo further training to specialise in fertility, cancer, or laparoscopic surgery, allowing them to offer more specilaised or emerging treatments and advice. As an Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon, my specialisation is minimally invasive surgery. I also specialise in fertility and I am an IVF Doctor and the co-founder and clinical director of Newlife IVF.

Your GP may have given you the name of one specific specialist or possibly provided you with a list of names to consider. Regardless of the referral letter, the choice of which gynaecologist you visit is always yours.

When selecting a gynaecologist, you should choose a practitioner that can give you the time, attention and expertise you need. Recommendations from your GP, family or friends may be helpful; however, I encourage you to trust your instincts and book with a gynaecologist that makes you feel at ease, in control and comfortable.

Looking for a Female Gynaecologist?

I’ve dedicated almost 20 years to women’s health. I advocate and care for women daily, helping them achieve a family, improving their quality of life and giving them freedom from disease. I’m also the father of four daughters. I do not doubt that even as a male, I can offer you the same care, understanding and experience as a female doctor.

Looking for a female gynaecologist

Your Patient Journey


To receive a Medicare rebate, you’ll need a referral letter from your GP or another specialist. This also allows me to communicate with your GP or health team.

Book Appointment

I consult mainly from my rooms at Epworth Richmond, but there are also appointments available in Coburg and Warragul. Please call, or book online.

Before Appointment

We will email you a link to a thorough online health history questionnaire. This allows us to spend more time concentrating on your present concerns at your first appointment.

First Appointment

I review your health questionnaire and any results before you attend. At this consultation, I’ll take a thorough history, perform an examination and sometimes order blood tests or a scan. This appointment will take around 30-45 minutes.


I review your health questionnaire and any results before you attend. At this consultation, I’ll take a thorough history, perform an examination and sometimes order blood tests or a scan. This appointment will take around 30-45 minutes.

Urgent Cases

Please call my rooms on (03) 9516 2895 if you require urgent care, and we will strive to accommodate your needs. I also welcome calls from your GP or referring doctor to discuss your case beforehand.

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More About Dr Hugo

I am dedicated to advocating and caring for women’s health. I take the time to listen to my patient, clearly present their options and empower them to make a decision. When leaving a consult with me, you will have a thorough understanding of your condition and a practical plan of action.

Almost 20 years ago, I commenced my training alongside renowned Australian surgeons who passed on their best technical and clinical expertise. I was accredited as one of the first AGES (Australasian Gynaecological Endoscopy and Surgery Society) Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeons. Now, I supervise and train fellows for this same qualification at The Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia’s largest and premier women’s teaching hospital.

I mainly consult out of my rooms at Epworth Richmond and offer appointments in Coburg, Warragul and via Telehealth. I operate several times a week at the Epworth Hospital – Richmond, which is one of Australia’s leading private hospitals. My expert team of anaesthetists and nurses operates to 80’s love songs; please inform my rooms if you have any issue with this.

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I have experience working with women of all ages to improve their health and enhance their quality of life. If you’re looking for a gynaecologist in Melbourne with understanding, empathy and patience, I encourage you to book an appointment with me and my team.

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